Friday, December 5, 2008

Rockets...131?!?!...Golden State 112

To somewhat quote Al Michaels: "We did WHAT?"

That's right: we scored 131 points. Mind you, it was against the league's worst defense, but it's the NBA, and 131 points is ridiculous, regardless of the opponent. Here's what contributed to this outburst:

1. Golden State is horrible at defense. Their interior defense is at a collegiate level at best, and their guards...well let's just leave it at "It's Jamal Crawford and Stephen Jackson...think about it."

2. We got Yao the ball. Stat geeks might say, "Well Yao only took 12 shots in the game." Well how about those 19 free throw attempts, 17 of which were makes? That's the key: Yao must get to the line.

2b. By getting Yao the ball, we opened up the three point shot when the double team would come, allowing us to go a D'Antonian 13-21 from deep.

3. Von Wafer had 18 points. So...that helps.

4. Chuck Hayes shot another three pointer and went 0-3 from the field. I don't know what significance that has, but whatever.

5. We went 36-40 from the free throw line. That's got to be one of the best team performance from the charity stripe in Rockets history.

Now that we've scored 131 points, can we finally get Steve Francis in the game?

"Right now my benching is, um...the best thing...for the...(sigh), the team."

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