Monday, December 1, 2008

Rockets Blog : Fun With Free Agents

In non-basketball-related news, the Houston Astros signed pitcher Mike Hampton today to a one-year, 2 million dollar deal with many incentives. Hampton, who once won 22 games with the Astros back at the turn of the century, is a full blown injury machine. He's 36, has been injured more times than T-Mac, and might be best known for signing a Grant Hill Contract back in 2000.

So what does this have to do with the Rockets? Absolutely nothing. But in the spirit of old timers like Hampton, and with the Rockets having an extra roster spot and plenty of cap room, what big, white, forgotten free agent NBA geezers would ever show up on the Rockets' ink radar? This is honestly more like a poke at nostalgic fun:

1. Arvydas Sabonis (age 43) - Bill Walton once said after a few tokes during a broadcast, "Show some respect to this living legend, this hall of famer...Arvydas Sabonis." Yes, a living legend indeed. Key word there is "living", thus making us eligible to sign him.

2. Detlef Schrempf (age 45) - This is quickly turning into a list of my favorite NBA Names of the '90s. But you gotta love Detlef, the Dirk Nowitzki of his era. There's also a song by Band of Horses named after him.

3. Greg Ostertag (age 35) - You knew this was coming. What you didn't know was that Oster Streudel is still in his mid-thirties and capable of wreaking havoc upon any man or basketball that comes near him. Unless it's our buddy Arvydas going strong to the hole.

4. Rik Smits (age 42) - He's got to be my favorite. How can you not love a 7'4 Dutch basketball player with a sweet hook shot and long, flowing blonde hair?

5. Bryant Reeves (age 35) - 'Big Country' was a one of a kind fatass in Vancouver. And Bryant can rock the vintage Grizzlies unis (as seen in his sweet trading card picture) like none other. I would honestly be ecstatic if this somehow happened.

So there it is. Pray and hope that Daryl Morey throws all common sense aside as Ed Wade has.

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