Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Rockets Vocab Word of the Day: "Chucker"

Today's word is "Chucker." It can also be referred to as "Chucking."

Two of the NBA's prime Chuckers in action

Definition: A player that constantly takes way too many questionable shots despite the fact that he doesn't make very many of them. Chuckers often shoot between 35-45 percent from the field.

As in "Tracy McGrady's been chucking turnaround fade-aways all game and hasn't made one yet."
Or "LeBron James is quite a Chucker from three point range. He rarely makes any and yet he won't stop shooting them."

Though you might think this has something to do with Chuck Hayes, it doesn't. I cut him some slack this time. Here are your Chucker All-Stars:

LeBron James From Three
Tracy McGrady
Danny Granger
Baron Davis
Andre Iguodala
Tyrus Thomas
Al Harrington
Rashard Lewis
Larry Hughes <--- Click the link. You will not be disappointed.

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